Vault2Env, pull Hashicorp Vault paths into environment variables

An easy way to get your Hashicorp Vault variables into your DevOps pipelines


Vault2Env is a tool for easily pulling data from Hashicorp Vault’s KV store and converting the key/values into environment variables in your shell. It was designed to be used in DevOps pipelines.

In the example below, vault2env pulls data from 2 paths, org/staging/database and org/staging/app. …

A quick, plain English fix and explanation of the Let’s Encrypt expiring root certificate issue for clients + users

The root CA cert DST Root CA X3 has expired.


Here’s the deal, Let’s Encrypt uses a root CA certificate that is “cross-signed”. This basically means it’s like having 2 root CAs in 1, but your device only needs to trust 1 of them, not both.

This helped Let’s Encrypt when they started because DST Root CA X3 is older…

Genero, a generic Helm chart for deploying any app

Deploy any complete application to Kubernetes with the Genero Helm chart


Genero is a best practices Helm chart designed to deploy applications in CI/CD pipelines. It is also helpful for easily deploying applications that don’t have an official Helm chart.

In this blog, 2 examples will be demonstrated. First, we’ll walk through what using Genero in a pipeline might look like…

Tempro, process template files from the command line

Tempro is for easy yet powerful template processing


Tempro is a portmanteau of template and process. It’s a command line tool that will search for files in your command, run environment variable substitution on it, print the files so you can see the final results, and finally run your command.

In the example below, tempro will run environment…

There’s a lot more to Minio now than you probably knew about

The metrics dashboard provided by the Minio operator.


For the past few years, I’ve been moving on and off Minio’s Kubernetes operator. I forget why now, but every time I moved to it, I would discover it was missing something, documentation was confusing, or it was just too much of a pain to deal with compared to their…

Implementing the new reCaptcha Enterprise on Nodejs

Detect bots and other unwanted users interacting with your site.


Well, there’s another version of Captcha. This one is called enterprise, and it is the fourth version.

It works basically the same as v3 with some additional features on the implementation side. A comparison can be found here:

reCaptcha comparison

Bad Documentation

Integrating with it was pretty painful. The documentation is just…

Make sure you’re using the Kubernetes Dashboard for the right reasons and with the right security roles

Keeping the dashboard secure is a simple matter of adding the right roles.

I’m sure everyone knows about the Kubernetes Dashboard. This post is to talk about the right reasons for using it, how to secure it properly, and some additional tips (like getting it to work correctly with ingress-nginx).

When should you use the Kubernetes Dashboard?

Well, let’s start out with when…

After using Istio in production for almost 2 years, we’re saying goodbye to it. Learn why, as well as the current state of the Service Mesh Wars.

A raging fire
The Service Mesh Wars are raging. My vote goes to Linkerd, for now.

Let’s get some of the basics out of the way.

Why use a service mesh?

  • It provides traffic monitoring between your micro-services, including a map of service communication and http status codes occurring between them.
  • Adding a service mesh enables you to add mTLS, or in other words, encrypted http…

A Complete End-To-End DevOps Platform

An illustration of a developer working in the zone
Launch your journey into the simplest and smoothest DevOps flow


Welcome! Polymatic Systems is a company that offers a complete end-to-end platform for your applications on Kubernetes. Where most companies can only offer portions of a modern DevOps system, our platform offers a turn key tech company ready to go.

Let’s talk about what setting up a complete end-to-end DevOps…

Setting up metrics with alerts, then installing a metrics sidecar exporter that works in Istio’s service mesh.

So many numbers… what do they all mean?


This is a full tutorial on setting up Prometheus with Alertmanager on Kubernetes along with the alerts I use. Alerts will be hooked up with Slack (as I never look at emails, lol). The focus will be on getting useful alerts, as opposed to using metrics for determining resource usage…

Eric Fossas

Twitter: @ericfossas | Github: efossas

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